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Stylish and on-trend, our reversible masks offer practical versatility. Dressed up or down, you will always look swag in your YIN AND YANG.

Created with you in mind, our premium-quality masks feature a curved design that is extra comfy. Elastic loops secure your mask in place while our custom designed, lightweight mask-clip helps achieve the best possible fit.

Breathable, washable and reusable, our protective masks provide a barrier to virus-containing droplets and can help you stop touching your face. They filter out dust, offer sun and wind protection, and help keep your face warmer on wintery days.

Yin-and-Yang masks are presented in a Swagster-branded presentation box, because everyone knows that half the fun is in the opening.

Wearing a mask in public is essential. To ensure you are always covered, we suggest having a second mask at the ready when your first is in the wash. Help protect your family, your community and yourself.

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3 layers

  • “Back and front” layers of 180GSM 100% MiniMat Polyester offer high strength and elastic recovery as well as thermoplasticity.
  • Middle layer of 70GSM coated-nonwoven Polypropylene provides filtering and water-repelling properties, ventilation and thermal insulation.
  • Available in adults medium and large sizes as well as kids sizes
  • Medium measures 22cm x 12cm and is best suited to women and smaller men. To adjust the fit, simply pull the elastic through the folded hem, cut and retie, or replace with your own elastic
  • Large measures 24cm x 12cm and is best suited to
  • Due to the nature of the material and the masks being partially hand stitched, some variations in size do occur.
  • Our lightweight mask-clip makes it easy to adjust the coverage of your mask by simply attaching the ear loops to the notches that work best for you. You’ll find one included with your mask. That’s swag!
  • In conjunction with regular hand washing and social distancing, wearing a mask may be the most effective protection against the spread of COVID-19 and other germs.
  • Swagster masks are non-medical in nature and not intended to replace medical or surgical masks.
  • Swagster masks are individually sealed for your safety and accompanied by a care-and-handling booklet.
  • Swagster masks are produced in a non-sterile environment and must be washed before first use.
  • Swagster masks are reusable. Between each use, wash by hand in warm water, or on a gentle cycle in your washing machine at around 30 degrees. Use soap, but avoid powders with harsh bleach.
  • Swagster masks love the sun; hang on the line to drip dry.
  • For hygiene reasons, no exchanges or returns are accepted. This policy safeguards all Swagster customers’ wellbeing.





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